Small town grocery shopping

Wanna buy some grapes? Well, for the low low price of $8 you can!

It seriously sucks. I moved from a big city to a small rural town last year for my first post grad job. Most people here make a 3 hour (round trip) journey to the nearest super store instead. As a money saver (SINCE I AM DROWNING IN DEBT), I dont have a car at this time [everyone here thinks I am a little bat-shit crazy for that but thats another conversation piece].


Grocery shopping here has become the bane of my existence. Its always been my one “justified splurge” area. I now spend..wait for it.. ~500 bucks a month. YUP. For one single person. It makes me SO ANGRY.  Part of it is because I am failing myself by not having a strict food budget. Ive gotten lazy about it because I rarely eat out and I am “sacrificing” by living in the middle of nowhere. But cutting it down by 100 bucks saves me $1200 a year. I could TRAVEL with that instead!!!!

I cant mindlessly buy food anymore. I didnt have to fret about it before since eating healthy wasn’t as expensive in my hometown. I am pretty sure I am buying the exact same food items.  This is going to be my first goal as I am pretty frugal in all other areas of my life (at this time).

Action Plan

  1. Track grocery spending
  2. Make a shopping list with planned meals
  3. Limit my grocery visits to 2x per week (I end up making frequent trips b/c I have to carry my groceries home.. then I forget something.. then get tempted by $10 gluten free cookies and how its okay because I have a real job.. guess this is what they mean by lifestyle inflation)

Wish me luck!


I did the right thing. I went to school and got good grades. I studied a field that would land me a job in a stable sector. But is this it? 5 digits of debt and a feeling of being stuck? I dont own a house or a car. I dont want to accumulate things. I want to have a life full of joyful experiences.

Ive already spent 1 year plowing through my debt. Ive definitely made some mistakes but I am still proud of my progress. This is just the start of my journey to financial independence.